Woman speaking to therapist at addiction treatment in Dallas

The Addiction Treatment Dallas Rehabs Offer

There are many different options available for addiction treatment Dallas offers. Most individuals start with detox. From there, addiction treatment can include several options. Clients can get help in trauma therapy, codependency treatment, or individualized treatment. With the right care, recovery from addiction is possible. Finding Addiction Treatment Dallas Offers Each person is unique. To…

man at window at residential treatment centers

How To Research Residential Treatment Centers

When struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, finding the right treatment is vital. Addiction is a disease that few can heal from on their own or without some kind of treatment. Fortunately, substance abuse is highly treatable. The compassionate expert counselors and therapists at Sante Center for Healing can help. Whether it’s you who needs…

a man finding out first hand what is alcohol abuse

What Is Alcohol Abuse?

The images that we often see and stereotypes that we hold about alcoholics have always been misleading. It surprises many people when they find out that people abusing alcohol can present a well put together picture to the outside world. You may wonder, what is alcohol abuse? Often, those that abuse alcohol are highly functioning, raising…

a substance abuse professional making notes before a patient comes in for therapy

Substance Abuse Professional

DOT employees who violate drug and alcohol regulations often receive an evaluation from a substance abuse professional or SAP. The drug abuse professional often recommends treatment, education, additional testing, and aftercare programs to ensure DOT workers maintain their sobriety. At Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, TX, clients can master the skills necessary to keep their jobs…

a person holding a leaf asking themselves is weed a drug

Is Weed a Drug?

If you have ever wondered, “is weed a drug“, and you find you are using it constantly in life or are struggling with everyday situations because of usage, you have likely thought about treatment options. Is weed a drug, though? The Usage Of Marijuana Marijuana is recommended as a medical treatment for some people. Others use…


Princess Cruise COVID-19 Survivor Shares His Story

Diamond Princess Cruise COVID-19 Survivor, Carl Goldman sits down with one of our Santé teams members. Though Carl is not affiliated with Santé, he was eager to give insight on what to expect and share his experience, strength and hope and how he and his family and friends were impacted by COVID-19. Watch interview now.…

a recovery group participating in substance abuse group therapy activities

Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities

Substance abuse group therapy activities are an important part of an addiction treatment program in Argyle, TX. Clients in recovery usually participate in the activities after they go through a medical detox program and are ready for behavioral therapy. Group therapy is done in an inpatient or outpatient setting and is usually led by one or more therapists…