A line of cocaine and alcohol sit on a table

Is Using Cocaine and Alcohol Together Dangerous?

Many people who abuse drugs have their substance of choice. However, this doesn’t mean they only use that substance, just that they often prefer one particular drug. While they have a favorite, they may have no problems mixing various substances. This type of drug abuse poses additional problems. If you don’t know how combining cocaine…

a group discussion at the 2019 national eating disorders conference about the 2019 center for change national eating disorders conference for professionals

2019 National Eating Disorders Conference for Professionals

Every day, experts learn more about eating disorders and the human mind. What was once thought to be a self-control issue is now considered a mental disorder. Thankfully, the 2019 National Eating Disorders Conference aims to improve professionals’ understanding of the problem. The best experts are those who continue to learn about their expertise, and…