man thinking about early signs of addiction

What Are The Early Signs of Addiction?

Addiction could be less daunting if people better understood how drugs affect brain chemistry. Substance abuse rewires how your brain functions, often with disastrous consequences. The only way to begin to undo the damage is through treatment and rehab at centers such as the Santé Center for Healing. It helps to know the early signs…

dangers of combining substances

The Dangers of Combining Substances

Substance abuse triggers profound changes in your brain. It interferes with normal functions and, perhaps more alarmingly, clouds judgment. One of those risks common to individuals with substance abuse issues: combining substances. Abusing one drug is hazardous enough. The dangers of combining substances are even more substantial. Medicine calls this an example of “polydrug” abuse.…

man learning about drug overdose

What You Need To Know About Drug Overdose

You hear about the opioid epidemic all the time on the news, and justifiably so. The number of people struggling with heroin or other opioid addictions has skyrocketed over the past 20 years, with disastrous consequences. Sadly, that’s just a slice of a larger problem. Learning about drug overdose has become one of the most…

man wondering how drugs affect your brain chemistry

How Drugs Affect Your Brain Chemistry

Your brain is the computer of life. It governs bodily functions that we rarely contemplate like blinking your eyes, breathing, and movement. These and more are the result of a complex set of mechanisms facilitated by brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters. You probably already know drugs impact the brain, but have you ever wondered how…

man thinking about stages of addiction

Stages of Addiction

With so many people struggling with addiction, how do people go from abstaining to developing a problem? There are many stages of addiction, each with its symptoms and signs to monitor. With the help of addiction treatment programs in Texas, at Santé Center for Healing, residents can get the help they need. First Use and…


Family Therapy Vs. Individual Therapy: Which One is Better?

By Jessica Hope Murph LMFT, LCDC at Beyond Boundaries Counseling RGV   Family relationships are one of the strongest units, with each bond holding a special place in life. However, once in a while, these relationships can experience problems and require some guidance to make the bond healthy. This is when family therapy comes into the scene where professionals…