understanding the different types of addiction

Types of Addiction – What Is Happening to You?

Understanding the types of addiction commonly found in the U.S. population can help you see you’re not alone. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates it, or NIDA estimates that tens of millions of Americans use illicit drugs every year. But it isn’t just illicit drugs that contribute to addiction. Millions also develop dependency due…

how to stop drug abuse

How to Stop Drug Abuse

Learning how to stop drug abuse isn’t easy. It is one of the most difficult things you can do if you have an addiction. Drugs change the way the brain works. As a result, it can be difficult for you to stop using on your own. Yet, there is help available to you. Our team…

should mindfulness meditation be a part of addiction treatment

Mindfulness Meditation: Should It Be a Part of Your Treatment?

Addiction treatment cannot focus just on not using drugs or alcohol. It must also address the necessary healing that needs to occur within the mind, body, and spirit. At Santé Center for Healing, one component of that healing process often includes mindfulness meditation. It is a holistic way to help center yourself and reach a…

talk therapy benefits for mental health

Talk Therapy has Great Benefits for Mental Health

At the Santé Center for Healing, you can get the help you need to conquer addiction and improve your mental health, as well. Among the best ways to do that is through the use of interpersonal therapy. When you talk with caring and compassionate professionals, you have the opportunity to express yourself and get your…

anger management techniques

7 Helpful Anger Management Techniques

Addiction problems tend to cause our feelings of anger to get out of control, damaging relationships with those around us. As a result, you make things toxic in your home, work, or school environment. Learning anger management techniques goes a long way in helping you channel that emotion in a less harmful way as you…

consequences of drug abuse

Consequences of Drug Abuse: Shedding Your Past and Claiming a Brighter Future

The consequences of drug abuse are far-reaching and devastating to everyone involved, especially those who work in professional fields. Substance use disorder causes the deterioration of relationships, financial crises, physical illness, and anxiety. It affects people of most ages and from all social standings. It destroys families, reputations, and careers without discrimination, and it can make…

top stress management techniques

The Top 6 Stress Management Techniques

Stress goes hand in hand with addiction. Often, it’s one of the reasons clients begin to use it in the first place. Once you get clean, you still deal with stress. It can be difficult to know how to cope with stress healthily, particularly when you are used to using drugs, alcohol, or behavior as…

are you showing the signs of alcoholism

What are the Signs of Alcoholism?

Sometimes the signs of alcoholism or alcohol addiction are obvious. For example, when someone is constantly drinking or intoxicated, it’s clear that they are abusing alcohol, but do they have an alcohol use disorder? There are different stages of addiction, and dependency can look different for different people. When it comes to alcohol use disorder,…

inpatient vs. outpatient addiction treatment

Inpatient vs. Outpatient

When choosing a drug and alcohol treatment program, it’s necessary to make sure individuals find the right program. Broadly speaking, addiction treatment programs fall into two categories: inpatient and outpatient. Both focus on rehabilitation, but each type offers different benefits. Within each category, there are varieties of programs that can meet the unique needs of…


Staying Sober For Independence Day

For most Americans, the Fourth of July includes fireworks, sparklers, picnics, and good food. But alongside the burgers and hotdogs, alcohol is socially acceptable, abundant, and potentially excessive. For individuals in recovery from addiction, making it through a normal day can be incredibly difficult, but during a holiday there are bound to be parties and…