group setting goals for the new year

How To Set New Goals For The New Year

As this year winds to an end and the new year lies before you with blank pages, your thoughts will most likely turn to personal goals for the New Year. This is traditionally what people in Texas and all over the world do. Unfortunately, many of those people will quickly put what they planned aside.…

group at sober celebrations with friends

How Can You Celebrate Sober With Friends?

The holidays are upon us, and you may be getting a bit anxious. Whether this is your first sober holiday or you have been through several, you still know how difficult it can be at times to have sober celebrations with friends. One thing that helps is having sober friends who are willing to forgo…

woman getting help from a holistic therapy program

What Type of Holistic Therapy Is Right For You?

A holistic therapy program takes into account a person’s mind, body, and spirit. These are often an individual program that is designed with the client in mind. As a unique individual, your needs are never the same as anyone else’s. What works for one person doesn’t always work for someone else. This is what you…

woman working on improving her mental health in winter

How To Improve Your Mental Health In The Winter

Winter sees more people seeking help for depression than any other time of the year. Even those who don’t normally suffer from a depressive disorder can find themselves flailing as the days become shorter and the nights colder. A diagnosis of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is given to the worst of these feelings. This disorder…

woman showing signs of trauma

Signs You Have Suffered Trauma

Trauma is something that may happen with only one event, or it may be an ongoing situation. In either case, the resulting damage done to an individual who experiences the trauma is lasting. Some people can process the event and move forward. Many others, however, may never have the chance to do so. Even some…

woman showing boundaries for treatment

How To Set Up Boundaries During Treatment

You will receive many rehab tips that are designed to help you succeed. One of the most helpful is how to set boundaries during treatment. You are setting out to make your life better, and there will be people who will fight you on this. You would think others would be pleased with your decision…

image showing how much does the opioid epidemic cost

How Much Is The Opioid Epidemic Costing?

When someone asks, “How much does the opioid epidemic cost” they are often talking about what this epidemic is doing to our country, communities, and economy. It’s important to understand just how devastating opioid addiction can be. Even if it starts because of prescription misuse, it can lead to long-term losses that are hard to…