Alcohol Abuse and Eating Disorders

Patients who present for treatment of alcohol abuse often struggle with additional mental illnesses that affect their ability to participate in treatment, including Major Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Among the most difficult co-occuring illnesses to treat though is the combination of alcohol abuse and an eating disorder.  Research has shown…

a woman participates in meditation therapy for anxiety disorders

Meditation Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Many people who suffer from addiction also experience mental illnesses at the same time. For example, anxiety and depression are very common among those considering treatment for addiction. When a dual diagnosis exists, it is important that all conditions are addressed. The following material will discuss the benefits that can come about from meditation therapy…

a man wonders if he is experiencing neurofeedback therapy side effects

Are There Any Neurofeedback Therapy Side Effects?

Neurofeedback is becoming more common in addiction treatment. It’s an outcropping of biofeedback. How does it work? More importantly, are there any neurofeedback therapy side effects? How Neurofeedback Works This treatment focuses on brainwave activity. It’s non-invasive. When you sit down for a session, the clinician explains the process to you. Next, she attaches sensors…