Your substance abuse started somewhere, at some time in your life. There are reasons why you picked up drugs or alcohol and now find yourself in addiction. Addiction therapy gets to the root of your addiction, providing insights into why you started substance abuse. These therapies also provide a pathway out of addiction for a healthy recovery.

Man in glasses and blue shirt participating in his addiction therapy.There are a wide variety of therapies used in addiction treatment today. These therapies usually take the form of individual, group and family sessions. But they also include specialized addiction therapy designed to heal unresolved trauma, eating disorders, co-occurring mental illness, and other conditions.

Therapies also take unique forms, according to your chosen treatment center. These forms include experiential therapy groups, holistic therapies, relapse prevention and four-day therapy intensives. For example, Santé Center for Healing provides 4-day intensive therapy designed for recovery from trauma and codependency.

All of your therapies begin when you enter rehab treatment. Addiction therapy plays a major role in substance abuse recovery, regardless of whether you choose residential, intensive outpatient, transitional living or other types of programs. Without therapy, your addiction will certainly return.

Why Addiction Therapy Is Important

Addiction therapy is important for recovery. This concept gains proof through programs that do not provide therapy and only focus on treatment. Without therapy addressing your root causes of addiction or considering your co-occurring disorders or mental conditions, you doom yourself to relapse. You will return to substances for the same reasons as you started using in the first place.

Therapy for Co-Occurring Conditions

In addiction treatment, discovered co-occurring conditions receive a dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis includes addiction and the other mental condition accompanying it, like depression, anxiety or PTSD.

Co-occurring conditions of mental illness include bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, personality disorders and psychotic disorder. Many people fall into the trap of self-medicating these conditions by using drugs or alcohol. Although this substance abuse is a coping mechanism, it leads straight to addiction. It also makes the symptoms of the mental condition worse, rather than better.

For true addiction recovery, both conditions must receive treatment at once.

Santé Center for Healing Addiction Therapy Programs

Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas provides treatment for addiction, eating disorders, other behavioral addictions, and dual diagnosis conditions. These therapies include individual counseling, group therapies, and family therapy. But Santé Center for Healing goes beyond traditional therapy programs by offering a 4-day Intensive therapy program.

Four-day therapy intensives at Santé Center for Healing address your maladaptive thoughts, cognitive errors and avoidance behaviors preventing lasting recovery. These intensive therapy sessions take place in group environments among peers in treatment. The therapies use innovative approaches including cognitive processing therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, equine therapy, art therapy and ROPES activities.

The goal of therapy intensives includes leaving the four-day sessions with the confidence to recognize and understand your past traumas, codependency or other issues enabling your addiction. You learn how to work past your difficult experiences for a chance of a brighter future not fueled by your past. This means stronger recovery from your addictions.

The programs at Santé Center for Healing include:

Family therapy also plays a role at Santé Center for Healing. Addiction affects everyone in your family in unique and lasting ways. When everyone in your family gains the treatment they need, your whole family emerges stronger and more capable of a bright future with freedom from addiction.

Get started toward your brighter future now. Call Santé Center for Healing at 866-238-3154. Your recovery is strong with the right therapies.