Studies on addiction recovery show that treatment has the highest chance of success when it addresses people’s specific needs. Experts have also discovered that substance use disorder affects men and women differently. For these reasons, facilities started offering gender-specific rehab programs. Although a relatively new offering, men’s rehab can provide a richer treatment experience for men.

Addiction Differences Between Men and Women

Confused young man ready for men's rehab in Texas.People of all ages, genders and income levels can develop an addiction. However, men face specific challenges in recovery. They have to overcome unique barriers related to their experiences with substance abuse.

Recovery isn’t necessarily harder for men than it is for women. However, co-ed treatment programs that don’t address their unique concerns can make it harder.

For instance, men and women tend to start abusing drugs at different times in their lives. They feel different about seeking help as well. More men develop addiction than women, but fewer of them feel shame for getting treatment. Despite that, they take longer to enter rehab.

Addiction also manifests differently in men than in women. Men often start abusing drugs because they struggle to meet society’s standards. For example, they feel pressure from the expectation to provide for their families and lead their households.

They feel pressure not to show emotion too. Society as a whole views showing emotion as a weakness for men. However, holding it back can lead to drug use as they try to cover it up.

These are only some of the issues that men’s rehab focuses on. It provides a private and supportive setting that makes men comfortable to talk about their problems.

How Men’s Rehab Addresses Men’s Needs

Men’s rehab can address men’s needs because it takes a more individual, precise approach to treatment. Along with facing challenges and pressures related to being male, it gives men a chance to connect with others on many levels, including addiction recovery.

Gender-specific programs create an environment where men feel more comfortable talking to each other. They don’t feel the same judgment as if women are around. They also develop supportive relationships that just aren’t possible with women. Judgment and intimacy cause distractions during recovery, but male-only treatment eliminates these issues.

Choosing the Right Rehab Program

Although all men’s rehab programs focus more on problems that are unique to men, they aren’t all the same. Like co-ed addiction treatment, gender-specific rehab can occur in residential or outpatient settings. Residential treatment provides 24-hour care because clients live at the rehab center. Outpatient programs allow for more freedom because men return home after their scheduled treatment.

While outpatient rehab is less expensive than residential care, it doesn’t have the same success record. Studies show that people are more likely to enjoy long-term recovery when they stay in rehab for extended periods. However, there’s more to choosing a program than deciding between residential and outpatient treatment.

Men need to be sure that the facility they choose can adequately treat their addiction. Those with drinking problems, for instance, should look for men’s alcohol rehab, starting with detox.

They also need to consider the location of the treatment center. It could be more beneficial for them to put distance between their drug triggers and a recovery facility. However, those with strong family support may be more likely to complete treatment when their families can participate too.

A community atmosphere is another element to consider in a men’s rehab program. Some men need the support of peers if they don’t get enough encouragement from their families. In the rehab community, the men help each other through the uphill battle that is addiction recovery.

It’s important to choose a program that includes an aftercare program as well. The battle against addiction doesn’t stop when rehab ends. Although clients develop strategies to avoid triggers, sometimes they struggle. Aftercare helps them transition into normal life so that they can adapt.

Get Male-Only Treatment at Santé Center for Healing

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When you visit Santé Center for Healing, we get to know you first during an evaluation. Then, we’ll create a treatment plan that includes detox, rehab, and aftercare. During your treatment, you’ll benefit from our variety of therapies and activities such as:

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