If you want the best chances of recovery, it takes professional addiction treatment. However, while overcoming addiction is necessary, finding the right program for recovery is tough. If you’re serious about addiction recovery, Santé Center for Healing is your best option. Take a look at how our programs boost your chances of lifelong sobriety.

A Variety of Program Types

Woman Undergoing Individual Therapy During Addiction RecoveryAddiction takes many forms. Likewise, no two individuals have the same struggle or story. With that said, there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all recovery plan. Incorporating multiple levels of addiction treatment services is the best way for clients to transition from one program to the next.

At the beginning of recovery, you’ll go through an evaluation, then medical detox. After this brief stage, residential rehab is ideal. Our residential treatment program can last upwards of 45 days. Intensive, 24/7 treatment helps establish lifelong healthy habits.

Afterward, some clients may wish to transition to an outpatient program. These programs provide a great way to ease back into independent living. A transitional program like this continues the recovery process for clients who need it most.

Involves Family and Loved Ones

Addiction recovery is an individual process. However, including family members can be incredibly beneficial. Within all levels of care, we emphasize family involvement. After rehab, loved ones are a vital support system. The more opportunity for family members to learn about addiction, the more they can help.

Fortunately, treatment is available for clients and family members. Three times a week, friends and family are welcomed to our support group at Santé Center Recovery. There are also educational sessions open to family members. Accordingly, these sessions dive into addiction, enabling, and how to support loved ones in recovery.

Options for Transitional and Long-Term Living

Additionally, the best chance at recovery involves long-term options. Not everyone is ready to go back to independent life after 60–90 days. In fact, many clients have a greater chance of lifelong success if they stay in rehab for a long time.

At Santé Center for Healing, individuals may stay in transitional programs for as long as two years. For those with severe addictions or past instances of relapse, this is the ultimate route to lasting sobriety. Rather than risking another relapse, transitional living creates a safe, secure environment. Overall, clients have a longer period of time to establish healthy habits, work through therapy, and create viable coping mechanisms.

Custom Plans for Individual Addiction Recovery

A great rehab program offers an individualized approach. After all, no two people seeking recovery are alike. For this reason, Santé Center Recovery is the flexible treatment methods and therapies.

On any given day, individuals may begin with free time and a shared meal. They may have an educational seminar, or see family on their way to a therapy session. Our addiction treatment programs include:

Appealing Amenities and Facilities

For addiction recovery to be successful, clients have to enroll. That’s why appealing amenities and comfortable facilities can increase the chance of success. In addition to high-quality care, Santé Center offers a scenic campus, comfortable accommodations, and plenty of recreational facilities. Whether you’re in detox or transitional programs, you’ll be able to make the most of the amenities.

For the best chance at lasting addiction recovery, Santé Center Recovery in Argyle, Texas, is the right choice. You can participate in diverse programs that cater to your needs. Take control of your life by calling 866-238-3154.