It’s possible for anyone to get hooked on drugs. However, some people are more likely to get hooked than orders. Studies suggest that the line of work that people are in can make them more susceptible to drug use. The dental industry is one that has a high rate of abuse, so there’s specific addiction treatment for dentists.

The High Rate of Drug Addiction Among Dentists

a man speaks to a counselor during addiction treatment for dentistsTo say that addiction treatment for dentists is important is an understatement. In fact, dentists have one of the highest rates of abuse among the numerous professions in the country. According to research data, the rate is around 14%.

To make matters worse, many dentists own their own practices, so they’re the sole owners. Their businesses rest on their ability to work. If they have drug problems, though, they can’t carry out their daily duties.

Owning their own practices is also why the rate of abuse is so high among dentist. Since they’re the bosses, their employees are likely to enable substance use. After all, employees in many industries tend to look away when their bosses engage in unprofessional behaviors. The main reason is that they’re afraid that they’ll lose their jobs if they say something.

In the end, this situation allows dentists to continue abusing drugs for long periods of time. Even if their drug use is a cry for help, few people are brave enough to get them the support they need. Usually, help has to come from friends or family members before they get addiction treatment for dentists.

Why Do Dentists Struggle With Addiction So Often?

There are many theories about why it’s common for dentists to struggle with addiction. One of the most popular is the high amount of stress that comes with the job. Owning a practice and providing reliable care comes with a high financial burden that not everyone can handle. To deal with the stress, dentists may turn to drugs.

However, that’s not the only reason why people in the dental profession abuse drugs. Another theory involves the typical personality that dentists have. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), they’re often compulsive.

This personality type makes them good at providing great dental services. However, it also makes them controlling and anal-retentive. People with this personality type may even seek enablers or those who will turn a blind eye to drug abuse.

Addiction Treatment for Dentists

Regardless of why dentists use drugs, the fact remains that it happens quite a lot. As a result, finding effective addiction treatment for dentists is essential. However, finding the perfect treatment facility isn’t always easy. They have to keep in mind a few factors throughout the process.

First, it’s important that dentists can still manage their practices while they’re in rehab. When they look for a treatment center, they should find ones with professionals programs. These programs allow executives and business owners to continue conducting business while they get help.

Second, it’s a good idea to look for facilities that offer dual diagnosis treatment. These programs not only focus on the addiction but also underlying problems. In the case of dentists, stress- and personality-related issues are the most common.

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