When talking about prescription drug addiction, most people think of pain pills. However, our Adderall addiction treatment center frequently works with individuals who fell victim to stimulant abuse. Doctors prescribe Adderall for ADHD or narcolepsy. If the drug hooked you, there’s hope for recovery.

How Adderall Addiction Happens

Woman is comforted by a therapist at an adderall addiction treatment center

Maybe you started abusing the drug for its stimulant effects. You needed to stay awake, and you heard the Adderall works. You began taking the pills. Because they worked for a while, you eventually upped the dose.

Perhaps you liked the way that the drug made you feel. Adderall boosts dopamine production in the brain. It’s the body’s feel-good neurotransmitter that the brain typically releases sparingly. At the Adderall addiction treatment center, Santé Center for Healing therapists frequently work with people who slowly slipped into dependency.

As they undergo drug rehab, these clients express their frustration, and also surprise, at the gradual descent into addiction. Had they known what was happening, they’d have tried to quit sooner. However, there were very few warning signs. Some didn’t realize they had an addiction until they stopped taking Adderall and suddenly encountered a volley of withdrawal symptoms.

Who Enrolls at Our Adderall Addiction Treatment Center?

Did you know that many young adults in college fall victim to this addiction? On campuses, they call it the smart drug. Initially, it helps students stay awake and complete large projects and all-nighters. Over time, it then becomes a habit.

However, there’s another population that abuses the substance. Professionals are also at high risk of addiction. Ambitious schedules, impossible deadlines, stiff competition, and the need to get ahead can fuel addiction. If this describes the development of your chemical dependency on Adderall, there’s hope.

How Holistic Therapy Helps You Reset

Rehab isn’t just about giving up the Adderall. Rather, it encourages a return to a healthy lifestyle. In the process, you add things to your daily routines. Similarly, you change your mindset.

At the Santé Center for Healing, therapists recognize that you need to heal on multiple planes. These include your mind, body, and spirit. Holistic care options offer you the reset you need to make the mental change that facilitates recovery. Modalities at our Adderall addiction treatment center include:

  • Guided meditation that helps you develop the ability to relax at will
  • Tai chi for the combination of movement and breathing exercises while visualizing personal energy
  • Nutritional counseling that empowers you to use food for energy and fuel
  • Mindfulness relaxation to prevent a previously learned response to stress
  • Acupuncture, which focuses your body’s energy on areas that need healing

Participate in Evidence-Based Therapies

In addition to holistic care, the Adderall addiction treatment center also offers evidence-based modalities. These therapies combine to facilitate whole-person recovery. Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which counteracts dysfunctional connections between thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Psychoeducation that introduces you to personal triggers and shows you how to dismantle them
  • Family therapy that brings in loved ones to assist with healing and preservation of the family unit
  • Educational courses that help professionals recognize their vulnerabilities and develop coping mechanisms
  • Psychotherapy for dual diagnosis treatment and meeting individual needs through therapist intervention

At the Santé Center for Healing, you recover at your own pace. Nobody rushes you through the program. That’s why our clients might finish in 30 days or three months. It depends entirely on you.

What Comes after Rehab?

Aftercare is a big deal. Because of addiction’s chronic, there’s no cure. Therefore, you need to be vigilant and protect your sobriety. Almost everyone decides to enter a support group.

For many, the 12 Step model is ideal. It’s anonymous, allows involvement in the recovery community, and gives you peer accountability opportunities. Some also continue relationship counseling or dual diagnosis treatment. If you’re not sure that returning home’s a good idea, consider transitional living.

This program encourages you to live with peers who’re also in recovery. You still interact with your therapist. Similarly, you participate in the outpatient treatment model. Therefore, sober living’s a great option if you’re starting over.

Learn more about the Adderall addiction treatment center at the Santé Center for Healing. Call 866.238.3154 today to find out how to enroll and recover.