As technology evolves, so does addiction treatment. Today’s rehabilitation and recovery methods look far different from those of only a few decades ago. New therapies, broader programs, and individualized treatment planning have expanded your potential for lasting sobriety. One of the most significant innovations among these is telemedicine for addiction treatment.

Today’s telemedicine is more than “medical treatment by phone.” Although this region of behavioral medicine is still new and somewhat controversial, it opens doors for your recovery in many vital ways. These doors open via your smartphone or computer, putting therapy in the palm of your hand.

What Is Telemedicine?

A doctor explains telemedicine options to a clientTelemedicine is not limited to one type of treatment. It actually includes the use of a broad range of technologies, tactics, and tools. These methods provide electronic connection to your healthcare, education, and support systems. In fact, this “connected health” has its own associations, organizations, and even lobbyists pushing for more growth of point-and-click wellness.

Through telehealth, as healthcare professionals also call this type of service, you gain access to many resources for improved care. The same is true for your family and other loved ones who want to participate in your rehab treatment, but cannot travel to the rehab’s location.

This means that telehealth provides greater opportunity for your family to heal and work with you in your therapies. No matter where people live, they can come together for real-time and even a type of face-to-face treatment.

Researchers currently study these methods as Internet and telephone technologies continue to improve. In many ways, this type of healthcare is only just starting to evolve.

How Telemedicine Helps Your Recovery

The possibilities for helping you recover and avoid relapse also expand with telemedicine. When you need support, additional therapy, or other reinforcement from rehab treatment, you can access that connection from anywhere. The same is true for connecting to your peers after rehab completion. Through technology, your support system remains nearby in real time.

Through telemedicine and online access, you and your therapists exchange information you could not otherwise share across a distance. Of course, telemedical consultation or Internet-based access to your treatment providers is never a complete substitute for the real-world, in-person experience of rehab treatment. You need the focus and support of a rehab environment for success in recovery. However, for some aspects of care, such as in bringing families together for therapy or outpatient and aftercare support, telehealth provides convenience and promise. If you find yourself struggling in recovery and headed toward relapse, being able to access some facets of your programs also can help you rebuild strength in your sobriety.

The Next Wave of Treatment in Argyle, Texas

Innovation is essential in any type of healthcare. This remains true for addiction treatment services, as well. Telemedicine made great strides in 2018, as it continues to progress as a medium for healthcare today. Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas understands the role of these types of innovations. In fact, Santé Center for Healing works with people from multiple walks of life, particularly those immersed in the latest technologies.

We offer telehealth appointments on an outpatient basis after the client meets with us in person first. We offer both early morning and evening appointments, and can often fit you in same-day. Our telehealth appointments take place on a HIPPA-compliant video conferencing platform, so you can rest assured that the details of your care stay confidential.

Besides tech innovations in treatment, Santé Center for Healing offers a wide range of therapies and treatment methods. These programs and services for your best recovery include:

For your best recovery, Santé Center for Healing works hard to provide you with the care you need, wherever you are. Through the latest technologies and telemedicine, you won’t feel left behind during outpatient care. Start your recovery journey today by calling Santé Center for Healing now at 866-238-3154. Through a simple phone call you gain access to a wide variety of programs and treatment methods, so call now.