the admissions area for residential treatmentSanté Center for Healing is situated on a beautiful hilltop in rural Argyle, Texas, which is approximately 30 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth. Our residential treatment program helps adults who suffer from addictive disorders including chemical dependency and process addiction.

Santé understands that there are many challenges on the road to recovery and that addiction must be treated one step at a time. Our Intake and Admissions Counselors are qualified and knowledgeable of the specifics of treatment. Their goal is to make the admission process as smooth as possible for the client, family, and referent. Whether you choose to enroll in our Texas residential treatment center or one of our other levels of addiction treatment services, our main goal is for our clients to live a life in recovery. They learn to be aware of their issues and gain the skills to resolve them. They will know how to prevent relapses, and live without the feelings of shame or guilt that often accompany their diagnosis.
The professionals at Santé specialize in working with individuals affected by any addictive disorder; chemical or process. More specifically, Santé specializes in treating dual diagnoses and poly-addictions. With meaningful guidelines and principles in place, Santé refuses to give up on any client, no matter how difficult.
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My truth: I love and adore each of you for everything you’ve done for me.  You’ve shown me what it means to be in recovery. And not lies that life is always going to be “smiles and sunshine” or that I can be “sober” and keep lying or acting out, but real recovery.  You’ve shown me how to show my authentic self, and that it is accepted, the “good” and with the mistakes I make and will make.  I value the honest truth that was reflected to me here, and that people cared enough not to buy into my addict behavior again.  Even when I was sober before, I had so many behaviors I thought I would never break.  Santé’ helped me to see the reasoning behind it, why I do it and how to work through it.”
– Santé Alumni
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What to Expect from Residential Treatment as a Client

  • Our tenured staff consists of psychiatrists, addictionologists, psychologists and masters level therapists, which are EMDR trained and CSAT Certified
  • Eating Disorder Treatment Center Staff are DBT Trained
  • Nutritional Counseling with Licensed Dietician
  • Certified Grief & Loss Therapists
  • 24/7 Masters Level Intake Counselors (Motivational Interviewing and Assessment Skills)
  • Medical Detox Center (as needed)
  • Psychological testing and neuro-psych testing onsite
  • Weekly individual sessions
  • Comprehensive individualized treatment plans including psychotherapy
  • Treatment based on 12-step recovery principles
  • Focus on family of origin, trauma and co-occurring disorders
  • Therapist-led group sessions
  • Experienced Nursing Staff
  • Mental Health Technicians
  • Referral Communications Coordinator
  • Spiritual Advisor
    • Psychoeducational Lectures
    • Physician Staff facilitates educational lectures
    • Non-denominational Spirituality groups
    • Psychodramas
    • Shame resilience group using the Connections curriculum by Brene Brown

Experiential therapies including: