Chemical dependency isn’t something that you can resolve on your own. It’s a condition that requires expert intervention. Almost everyone does well at a private rehab center such as the Santé Center for Healing. If you’re still hesitating to make the call, consider how therapists assist clients with addiction recovery.

You Need Rehab Because Drugs are Killing You

Woman enjoys time outdoors at her private rehab centerOverdoses don’t just happen to other people. Facilities offering addiction treatment for professionals frequently work with individuals who survived one. According to government statistics, overdoses claimed the lives of 70,200 Americans in 2017. These deaths include illicit drugs as well as prescriptions.

Compare this to 1999, when death rates were as low as 16,849. One of the most dangerous drugs right now is fentanyl and its analogs. It alone contributed to 28,400 overdose deaths. When you consider that opioids are now a gateway for heroin, it makes sense that entering rehab is vital.

Choosing a Public vs. a Private Rehab Center

Which setting offers you the greatest chance at recovery? A public facility receives government funding. The city or county might operate it. Therefore, the actual people in charge could vary.

In contrast, the Santé Center for Healing is a private drug rehab facility. Clients pay for their stays with insurance dollars or personal funds. The center’s founding goes back two decades. Since then, it grew in scope and depth of care.

Public rehab centers have a high patient to therapist ratio. Frequently, these organizations have long waiting lists. Because the goal’s to move patients through the system quickly, there’s little customization of care. As a result, the treatments you undergo may lack personal relevance.

On the flip side, a private rehab center emphasizes the importance of complete customization of care. Therapists recognize that modalities must possess relevance for your unique situation. Most importantly, you don’t have to rush through the program. At the Santé Center for Healing, clients may spend two to three months in residential rehab if necessary.

Examples of Modalities That Make up a Care Protocol

When you contact this private rehab center, you undergo a three-day evaluation. The goal’s to discover what your needs are. Because chemical dependency affects everyone differently, your care requirements differ from others. Next, you undergo detox to withdraw safely from the drug.

Private drug rehab continues with residential care. Depending on your needs, it might take 45 days or more than 100. You heal at your own pace. Nobody rushes you.

Treatments include:

  • Dual diagnosis care for program participants with personality disorders, anxiety, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder
  • Poly-addiction treatment that lets you recover from multiple chemical dependencies
  • Behavioral therapy as a way to make lasting changes to dysfunctional coping mechanisms
  • Family therapy, which focuses on codependency, enablement, and other unhealthy patterns
  • Psychoeducation for relapse prevention and trigger recognition

Almost everyone benefits from stepping down to an intensive outpatient treatment model after they graduate. It takes place for six months in the evenings. At the same time, you might enter a transitional living facility. It’s an excellent safety net.

During your treatment at our private rehab center, addiction specialists help you uncover the roots of substance abuse. By getting to the core issues, you learn what triggers you. Most importantly, you recognize what dynamics could result in relapse. Therefore, you create a daily schedule that eliminates exposure to these stressors as much as possible.

Aftercare Rounds out Care at the Santé Center for Healing

A stay at our private drug rehab facility winds down with planning for aftercare. Developing a plan empowers you to make lasting changes that result in lifelong recovery. For example, if you have a co-occurring condition, you’ll benefit from seeing a therapist to continue treatment. A facility therapist assists you with referrals if you like.

Almost all program participants appreciate the opportunity to attend 12 Step meetings. They continue the group therapy approach you previously enjoyed at the facility. If you have relationship problems, consider continuing family counseling. It enables you to grow and make healthy changes.

Of course, to get to the aftercare portion of treatment, you need to enroll in our private rehab center first. Connect with the Santé Center for Healing today. Dial 866.238.3154 now.