An evidence-based approach to treatment is the bedrock of addiction recovery. However, clients can also benefit from less structured means of treatment. Creative therapy offers many advantages on the road to recovery. Explore the reasons why creative therapies are valuable in rehab and take a look at the various options available at Santé Center for Healing.

Creating Opportunities for Non-Verbal Expression

A woman paints a picture as an example of creative therapyIt is often challenging for clients in addiction treatment programs to express themselves. Although there are opportunities to open up in individual counseling sessions and group therapy, it can still be tough to be honest in front of others. There is a benefit to being honest and expressing your feelings, but it doesn’t always have to be verbal.

Creative therapy offers clients an outlet for personal expression. That expression doesn’t have to be verbal, and it doesn’t even need to involve words. A client can express themselves through dance, for example. Painting and sketching can also achieve the same kind of objectives and allow clients to show others how they are processing the changes in their lives.

Finding Joy Outside of Addiction

Recovering from addiction means making a lot of changes in life. Sadly, some clients are under the impression that sobriety takes away joy. In reality, sobriety just provides a way to experience true joy in new ways. Creative outlets are a great way to find joy in unexpected places.

After a client stops taking drugs, they might struggle to feel happy. After getting lost in a painting session, however, that can change. Things like completing a ropes course, can be incredibly fun and also spark joy in life. For clients in recovery, this is a huge step on the path to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Filling a Daily Schedule With Enjoyable Activities

One of the reasons that rehab is necessary for total recovery is because it helps clients create a daily schedule. Having a routine makes it easier to make the right choices every day. Once you get in the habit of something healthy, it is harder to veer off track.

Creative therapy can help fill each day without making the schedule overwhelming. After a morning of psychotherapy sessions, for example, clients can enjoy some dance therapy. Evenings could consist of art therapy sessions as another example.

Building Confidence

Sobriety is a positive, life-changing step, but some clients find that they are shy and timid for the first time in years. That’s normal, but it is also important to find your voice and build your confidence. Creative therapy is a wonderful way to do just that.

Many clients find that art or exercise are not just things they enjoy; they are hobbies where it is possible to have talent.

Establishing Lifelong Healthy Habits

The goal of addiction treatment is not just to achieve sobriety. It is also to learn how to maintain that sobriety for a lifetime. Relapse is an ongoing risk; there are plenty of preventative measures that can help. One technique is to establish healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Some clients find that art or meditation is excellent stress relief. Such an observation aren’t just limited to a person’s time in rehab. They can become lifelong trends and coping mechanisms that help protect sobriety.

Creative Therapy at Santé Center for Healing

If you’re looking for treatment that incorporates creative therapy, look no further than Santé Center for Healing. Clients can expect rehab programs that embrace total wellness, not just the physical symptoms of addiction. Creative and holistic therapies are widely available, and just some of the most popular include:

Creative therapy is just one of many ways to overcome addiction. At Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas, clients can expect a holistic approach to health, wellness, and recovery. When you’re ready to fight back against addiction once and for all, call 866-238-3154 to learn more.