Attorneys today face many life challenges, just like people in other high-stress professions. However, the professional code of the legal field leaves human mistakes open for deeper interpretation by peers, employees, associates, clients, and the general public. If you or an attorney you love is dealing with addiction, with or without mental health problems, you face this code with fear every day. Of course, you can get the private, confidential, and effective treatment you need to rebuild your life and avoid career problems through addiction treatment for attorneys.

Why Specialized Addiction Treatment for Attorneys Exists

a man participates in addiction treatment for attorneysYou may wonder why specialized programs exist for addiction treatment for attorneys. Although many don’t discuss substance abuse in the legal community, it’s a pervasive issue. In fact, one can consider substance abuse, addiction, and mental health problems like depression and anxiety almost standard problems in the legal field.

Statistics show this reality. Research indicates the depth of substance abuse and mental health problems in the legal field through statistics that include:

  • One-fifth of licensed lawyers overuse alcohol on a regular basis
  • Up to 70% of all malpractice and disciplinary proceedings involve drug or alcohol abuse
  • More than one-quarter of lawyers suffer depression

The good news is that addiction treatment for attorneys exists. Through this treatment, you can maintain your good standing in the legal community and enjoy the career benefits of returning to work in sobriety and positive mental health. If you’re already suffering career damage because of your substance abuse, the right addiction treatment for attorneys can get you back on the right track in your personal life and career.

Personalized Addiction Treatment for Attorneys

One of your biggest needs through addiction treatment for legal professionals is your need for personalized treatment. You need privacy, confidentiality, and special considerations because of your field of work. You also need individualized treatment planning for your specific recovery needs. Wherever you seek treatment, you must feel safe and supported in these needs.

At Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas, highly qualified professionals understand your needs. They get to know your physical and mental health while developing a clear picture of your substance abuse issues. With this clarity, they create a quality, individualized treatment plan using traditional therapies, advanced technologies, and holistic methods. Your primary goal is to achieve complete wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

No two days are the same during your treatment at Santé Center for Healing. Along the same vein, no two people experience the same course of treatment, either. You undergo the therapies and treatments you need for ultimate recovery, a recovery on which you can rebuild your life and career.

If you already suffered disciplinary action because of your substance abuse, your career begins again with the right treatment. Santé Center for Healing helps you meet the requirements of your referent, licensing body, disciplinary board, employer, or state bar association.

Santé Center for Healing in Texas Treats Legal and Medical Professionals

As with treatment for lawyers, Santé Center for Healing provides other professionals’ rehabilitation, too. Medical professionals frequently turn to Argyle, Texas for addiction treatment for medical professionals. In fact, a large percentage of Santé Center for Healing clients work within professional and executive fields.

Services and therapies at Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas include the following:

Santé Center for Healing focuses on long-term wellness and recovery, not short-term success. This focused treatment fits your unique needs, not those of your insurance company. In Argyle, you gain the depth of treatment you need to end your substance abuse and mental health problems for good.

Call Santé Center for Healing now at 866-238-3154 to discuss your options for addiction treatment for attorneys. Learn more about available programs and the treatment you need so you can make the right decision for your reputation, family, and career. You can put the pieces back together for the future you deserve with the right help. So call now.