Professional Health Program

Most professionals are faced with an environment in which they are expected to know more, do more in less time, lead others and accept liability in an atmosphere that seems less respectful and often differs from their expectations during training. This situation, combined with the personality traits that it takes to get through the rigorous educational and training process can put these professionals at high risk for substance use disorder, behavioral addiction or disruptive behaviors.

Licensed Professional Assessment

Santé’s assessments are tailored to the specific needs of the professional; therefore, the different types of testing can vary from one individual to another. Collateral data can be collected from family, friends, colleagues, employers and from any written complaint that may have led to the assessment.

Maintaining Proper Boundaries Course

If you have clients who are exhibiting risky attitudes and behaviors around boundaries (verbal, moral, ethical, legal, sexual), whether substance abuse is involved or not, this course is a great early intervention that could save a license or a life.

“Alcohol abuse caused me to lose my medical license.  Sante helped me deal with my alcoholism and start on the path to recovery.  They also helped me start the road to getting back my career in medicine.  I had a great experience at Sante and am so thankful for my time there.  It truly changed my future.”
– Santé Medical Professional Alumni