Vicodin is a narcotic drug in the opioid category that doctors commonly prescribe in the U.S. It consists of a combination of a synthetic opiate called hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Doctors use it to treat the pain of migraines, burns, cancer, and other conditions. In addition, Vicodin can stimulate the brain’s pleasure center, causing feelings of euphoria and well-being. That is why this drug has the potential to lead to abuse, and it is why many users ultimately need Vicodin addiction treatment.

Causes of Vicodin Addiction

A man holding pills in his hand is in need of a Vicodin addiction treatment programNo specific factor always leads someone to abuse Vicodin. However, some of the possible reasons include the following:

  • Genetics (especially if an immediate family member such as a parent or a sibling also has an addiction)
  • Brain chemistry (if you produce less of the naturally-occurring pleasure chemical dopamine than is typical)
  • Environment (if people use drugs around you or you began using at a young age)
  • Self-medication against symptoms of mental illness

Another commonly occurring reason for Vicodin addiction starts quite innocently when a doctor prescribes someone the drug to treat their pain. Without ever meaning to, they can become dangerously dependent upon and sometimes addicted to this opioid, requiring Vicodin addiction treatment if they are to put their substance use disorder behind them.

Symptoms of Vicodin Addiction That May Require Vicodin Addiction Treatment

Several factors determine the degree and nature of the symptoms that someone abusing Vicodin will display. These include genetics, frequency of abuse, how long Vicodin has been used, and the amount taken. Symptoms include the following:

  • Altered mood (euphoria, anxiety, depression, mood swings, anxiety)
  • Behavioral changes (poor hygiene, stealing, use the drug against your better judgment, various schemes to get prescriptions, cravings, hiding pills, withdrawing, neglecting responsibilities and inability to focus)
  • Physical symptoms (Drowsiness, damage to liver and kidneys, decreased respiration rate, and constipation)
  • Psychological symptoms (dependence, cloudy or impaired thinking, anxiety, fear, irritability, agitation, hallucinations, and delusions and paranoia)

If you see these symptoms in yourself or someone you love, then it is time to learn more about Vicodin addiction treatment at a Vicodin addiction treatment program. Attempting to address this serious substance use disorder on your own has a meager chance of success.

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