therapist speaking to female client about addiction treatment for womenSubstance use disorder and the cycle of addiction do not discriminate. However, not everyone experiences addiction in the same way. Men and women often have very different addiction experiences, which is why gender-specific addiction treatment for women is so important. For those seeking a women’s rehab center near Dallas, Santé Center for Healing offers dedicated women’s addiction treatment in Texas. Call 866.238.3154 today to learn more about women’s drug rehab program in Texas.

Addiction Affects Women Differently

Women’s biology is different from men’s, affecting how their bodies process and respond to alcohol and drugs. Women have less body water, so their blood alcohol concentration rises faster. They also have less of the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol, so it stays in their bloodstream longer. In addition, women’s brains atrophy similar to men’s brains even when they drink less.

For those reasons, women don’t have to drink as much alcohol as men to feel its effects. These factors contribute to women being more vulnerable to the physical and mental effects of drinking. The inherent biological factors mean that professional addiction treatment for women is often needed to break the cycle of addiction and facilitate recovery.

Greater Risk for Mental Health Issues

Furthermore, women are at risk for developing an addiction because they’re more likely than men to have anxiety or depression. They also have a heightened response to trauma, so they have a greater risk for post-traumatic stress disorder. These mental health issues commonly accompany substance use disorders. At Santé Center for Healing, our women’s drug rehab program in Texas can address these dual diagnosis needs.

The Benefits of a Women’s Drug Rehab Program in Texas

Addressing substance use disorder through a gender-specific addiction treatment for women offers numerous benefits over co-ed rehab. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • A safe and comfortable environment
  • Individualized treatment plans tailored to women’s unique needs
  • Specialized therapy addressing underlying issues that may contribute to addiction, such as trauma, body image issues, and societal pressures
  • A supportive community of other women going through similar experiences
  • The opportunity for open and honest discussions about sensitive topics related to addiction and recovery

In addition, women’s rehab centers often offer amenities and programming specifically geared toward women, such as self-care workshops. These activities can help women heal physically, mentally, and emotionally while in treatment.

How Addiction Treatment for Women Differs

Gender-specific addiction treatment generally offers the same programs and services as co-ed treatment. With women-focused treatment, however, doctors and therapists tailor the content of those services according to women’s needs.

Women are already less likely to seek help because they feel their family obligations should come before their needs. Also, society sees women as caregivers, so they feel ashamed if they have to seek addiction treatment. Because of that, many women leave before they complete their programs. Doing so puts them at risk for relapse, which could endanger themselves and others.

Women-focused treatment can motivate them to finish the programs by providing the following:

  1. Creating an empathetic environment – Women-focused addiction treatment centers design programs to encourage empathy and understanding from staff and fellow residents. This nurturing environment can help women feel more comfortable, reducing feelings of shame associated with seeking treatment and reinforcing the importance of completing the program.
  2. Addressing specific life challenges – Women-specific addiction treatment programs understand the unique pressures and expectations women face in society. By addressing these specific challenges, such as balancing multiple roles or dealing with societal pressures, these programs can create a clear roadmap for recovery, leading to higher program completion rates.
  3. Building a strong support network – The supportive community in a women-focused rehab program can be a powerful motivator. Witnessing the progress of others and knowing that they’re not alone in their journey can inspire women to stay committed, work through challenging phases, and complete the treatment program.

In addition, co-ed treatment has to cover all of the needs of men and women. However, sometimes it’s impossible to focus on everything. Because of that, group therapy sessions can spend too much time on one gender or topic. Getting women-focused care avoids that problem.

Find a Women’s Drug Rehab Program in Texas at Santé Center for Healing

Santé Center for Healing offers addiction treatment for women. Our beautiful 16-acre campus in Argyle, Texas, treats a range of substance use disorders. We offer detox, rehab, and aftercare for alcohol, heroin, and other drugs. We even treat mental health disorders, eating disorders, and trauma.

At Santé Center for Healing, you can recover from addiction in an intimate setting. We aim to help you maintain long-term recovery through women’s rehab in Texas. To achieve that objective, we use a range of traditional and alternative therapy methods, including:

Don’t hesitate any longer to get the addiction treatment that you need. Learn more about our women’s rehab center near Dallas. Call 866.238.3154 to learn more about our programs and services, or contact Santé Center for Healing online.