Pharmacists experience more immediate access to medications than other people, even when compared to doctors. However, few people consider the struggles pharmacists face when it comes to substance abuse and recovery. Even the most adept of pharmacy professionals experience the pitfalls of life, substance abuse, mental health problems, and pressures leading many to addiction. If you work as a pharmacist and suffer addiction, help exists through confidential addiction treatment for pharmacists.

How Pharmacists Fall Into Substance Abuse

a man participates in addiction treatment for pharmacistsWhen people enter the pharmaceutical profession, they do not do so to gain access to drugs for personal misuse. Of course, one of the biggest myths pharmacists believe is the thought that addiction cannot happen to them. Substance abuse in this field of work starts quietly and simply. That is, beginning with the promise to yourself that it will only happen once.

In most ways, this pathway to addiction looks like anyone else’s struggle. No one really intends to develop a substance abuse problem. However, pharmacists experience ongoing exposure to a cache of drugs few other people engaged in drug use ever will. So if the temptation is there, access for pharmacists is unfettered.

When you seek to end ongoing substance abuse, no matter who you are or what you do for a living, you must realize addiction can happen to you. This means your everyday life is at risk along with the career you enjoy. You must break past the stereotypes that addiction does not happen to pharmacists for the treatment you need.

In fact, 46% of pharmacists admit to abusing drugs. Almost one-fifth of these do so on a regular basis. Also of pharmacists abusing prescription medication, two-thirds admit to breaking their professional code of ethics. Therefore, you’re not alone in your guilt, fear, and needs for addiction treatment for pharmacists.

Addiction Treatment for Pharmacists

Addiction treatment for pharmacists includes what treatment includes for other people. That is, you need therapies, rehab treatments, and addiction education, just like anyone else. Your therapies include talk therapy, individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. Addiction education helps you understand the depth of your conditions, not from a medical jargon perspective but as a human being.

Even though you spend your days at work teaching other people about medications and how they work, you are not an expert in your own recovery. You must now become an expert on how to stay sober.

However, as a professional working under many state and federal laws, as well as your professional code of ethics, you need treatment designed for pharmacists. This addiction treatment for pharmacists provides confidentiality, privacy, understanding, and help designed for your unique needs. You find this treatment where other pharmacists, attorneys, judges, doctors, and nurses also get the help they need.

Argyle, Texas Addiction Treatment for Pharmacists

Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas has a longstanding history of providing addiction treatment for physicians, pharmacists, lawyers and other professionals just like you. Alongside your peers in work and recovery, you get the help you need to return to your career in confidence and integrity.

Santé Center for Healing understands no two professionals, nor any two people are the same in their personal treatment needs. This is why you gain individualized treatment planning to meet your unique needs. This treatment is not structured according to an insurance company’s preferences. Instead, it structures around your long-term success in recovery.

If you suffered career pitfalls because of your substance abuse, the experts at Santé Center for Healing help you regain the professional footing you need to go back to the work you love. Of course, this work takes time and personal focus. You need an array of therapies and treatments, including the following:

End the stress and fear of your addiction by getting the addiction treatment for pharmacists you so desperately need. Call Santé Center for Healing now at 866-238-3154 to learn what steps come next in rebuilding your life in recovery.