There are many treatment options available for a person who wants to overcome a substance abuse disorder. Whether the addiction is illicit drugs or alcoholism, individual and group therapy activities for addiction can prove effective in living a sober life.

Most people who benefit from individual counseling also find solace in connecting with others who struggle with addiction. Social support cannot be underestimated in helping someone through a condition that thrives on isolation.

Advantages of Group Therapy Activities

Four people participating in group therapy activities at rehab.Addiction counseling activities in group settings offer many advantages that a person cannot get from individual therapy. One of the most obvious benefits is the support and motivation a person receives from their peers. Each person can encourage others to reach their goals for a successful recovery.

Experience is a good teacher, even if it is learning from the experience of others. A person can get problem-solving skills by hearing what another person in the group did to face a challenge.

Together, each participant in group therapy can learn healthy coping skills and relapse prevention techniques. Group participation helps build optimism, self-esteem and a stronger belief that a healthy recovery after rehab is possible.

A person can build lasting relationships with peers. They can continue supporting each other many years beyond rehab and therapy.

Different Group Therapy Activities for Recovery Groups

Group therapy activities may vary, but introducing new members and their reason for being in the group is most common. Another standard activity is allowing members to discuss personal issues. They receive suggestions and input on addressing the issues from the therapist and other members.

These discussions typically occur at the beginning of the group meeting. This is a good time for anyone with specific needs, questions or requests to express challenges connected with overcoming addiction.

Some members might struggle with the temptation to relapse. Others may have relationship issues. Still other members may deal with both and other frustrations as they try to live sober. Including group counseling as part of a treatment plan can be very therapeutic.

Discussions may also focus on how members feel they have progressed on their recovery journey. The therapist encourages members to discuss aspects they believe they have accomplished. Discussions may also focus on areas members have not accomplished, but would like to in the future. Feedback from the therapist and other members is also part of this activity.

Holistic Group Therapy Activities for Addiction

Holistic activities during group therapy can help members build trust and relationships with peers. The fellowship and cooperation that occurs from walking this journey together can be very helpful for recovery. Holistic therapy activities can take on many forms, such as art, cooking, and meditation.

Art is a creative opportunity where members can learn more about themselves. Art therapy is one of the most recognized practices of holistic therapy.

Cooking promotes body wellness. Most people overcoming an addiction need to improve eating habits that were affected by substance abuse. Activities for the group may include meal planning, baking, or shopping.

Meditation is a proven way to relax. As a group activity, members often work together and develop basic skills. They learn visualization, diaphragmatic breathing, and progressive relaxation.

Santé Center for Healing Offers Group Therapy Activities to Fit Your Needs

Santé Center for Healing makes extensive use of group therapy when these activities will benefit a person recovering from addiction. It is critical to attack addiction on multiple levels. Our Argyle, Texas, addiction recovery center offers recovery techniques to pull you through the hard times.

Since there is more than one point of entry, our facility offers options such as:

If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance abuse disorder, call Santé Center for Healing today at 866-238-3154. We offer many group counseling activities that will give you the hope, support, and help you need on your journey to a sober life.