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Our Mission at Santé Center for Healing

We believe in an integrated addiction treatment approach blending traditional and innovative approaches. This holistic approach allows individuals to experience a complete sense of wellness and achieve their long-term goals in recovery. We don’t treat a diagnosis; we treat individuals. With a 25-year legacy specializing in dual diagnosis and polysubstance addiction, individuals, their families, and our greater community can heal in a safe, serene, supported, and enjoyable environment.

It’s Important to Us to Have a Strong Connection with Therapists Just Like You

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Addiction Treatment Services

We’re committed to helping individuals heal and make a lasting recovery from substance use disorders. We provide a broad range of addiction treatment services.

Substance Abuse

Mental Health

Dual Diagnosis


Problematic Sexual Behavior

Disordered Eating

Recovery Continuum of Care

Santé offers individuals and their families a long-term, clinical recovery continuum of care spanning more acute medical and clinical needs to less acute therapeutic transitions. 

  • Professional Assessment
  • Medical Detox
  • Residential
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Transitional Living
  • Family Programming
  • Individual Therapy & Medication Management
  • Alumni Support

Find a Telehealth Therapist Program

If you are a mental health professional, Find a Telehealth Therapist is a searchable listing platform that enhances your practice by helping you increase your online visibility. With Find a Telehealth Therapist, individuals seeking help can quickly find telehealth providers within their state or region. This service is powered by Santé Center for Healing, and is our FREE gift to you.

Santé Institute for Professional Education and Research (SIPER)

SIPER was formed 25 years ago by Santé co-founder and co-owner, Deb Corley, Ph.D., LMFT, LSOTP, CSAT, CMAT. SIPER is for professionals in our greater community to connect, pursue additional continuing education, share resources and build a community of collaborating professionals in your community and across the country.


• Connect with therapists from across the country and build referral relationships

• Free continuing education live events in the SIPER Community

• Access to research

• Share resources

• Ask for referrals and cross referrals

• Healthy dialogue around clinical expertise 

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