Guy with tie and glasses talking to counselor about rehab centers in Texas.Texas has a strong reputation for success in the treatment of drug addiction. In fact, the state ranks 43 of 50 states for drug overdose deaths, according to 2010 health reports. Educators, legislators, grantmaking organizations, addiction specialists and everyday citizens have come together in Texas to fight the growing drug abuse trend. You can benefit from this forward thinking through the advanced therapies of a rehab center in Texas.

How Texas Fights Drug Abuse

In Texas, like anywhere else, drugs and alcohol are an ongoing problem. But people in the state work hard against this disturbing trend. All over the state are many examples of ordinary citizens, experts, lawmakers, first responders and others doing their part.

An example of this is Jane Maxwell, an addiction expert in Texas, who conducts research in substance abuse patterns and trends in Texas, the United States, and throughout the world. She led citizens in calling for state funding of prescription drug tracking systems. She also called for the creation of an overdose death monitoring system so first responders gain information needed for better response to these emergencies.

Colleges in Texas are highly active in posting information about substance abuse and overdoses. Some colleges protect students who ask for help from a rehab center in Texas, instead of punishing them or pressing legal charges. This type of understanding shows how Texans want to constructively end substance abuse.

Examples of How People Fight Addiction in Texas

Texas’ Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Support Program earned praise from the White House. The Office of National Drug Control Policy used the program as an example of progress against substance abuse. These DFCs prevent adolescent substance abuse with the help of local organizations.

The White House gave many of these local groups grants in 2011. According to the White House, DFCs help community people work together and communicate well with each other, when it comes to fighting addiction. These groups also help people find ways work out factors leading them to substance abuse, in the first place. That help is found in a rehab center in Texas, for many people.

Some Texas groups provide mental health services and education to help fight drug and alcohol use as co-occurring conditions. Others educate the public or specific groups about mental health’s role in addiction. Still, other Texas groups provide resources to residents in big cities like Dallas, Austin, and Houston.

Why a Rehab Center in Texas Is Right for You

Wherever you are from, a rehab center in Texas provides excellent therapy and support options for your addiction. These programs have access to highly educated therapists, addiction specialists and other top experts in the addiction treatment field. This means a rehab center in Texas gives adults like you access to some of the best programs and specialists for your best chance of lasting recovery.

Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas is one such program. At Santé, top therapists help you overcome your addiction, starting with a thorough intake process. This process identifies your own underlying causes of addiction. The insight forms the foundation of your highly individualized treatment plan. The plan sets goals for your therapies, recovery, and future.

Santé Center for Healing staff knows it is important for you to gain whole-person wellness. This means healing and recovery of your physical, emotional, and spiritual self. Lifestyle training, healthy nutrition, and a 12 step program come together for this wellness.

Drug treatment at Santé includes:

If you or someone you love suffer addiction with or without a co-occurring condition, Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas provides the quality addiction treatment programs you deserve, for lasting recovery. Call Santé now at 866-238-3154 for more information about what programs we can offer you or a loved one.

You can find your way out of the maze of addiction, with Santé Center for Healing. So call now.