Hear Norm Hitzges speak about Santé Center for Healing

Interview with Kate Goodell, MS, LMFT

Kate Goodell, Family Therapist for Santé, explains the options for families who have a loved one suffering from addiction and also explains the different treatment options for families at Santé. Kim V., a Santé Alumni, gives a testimonial as to how Santé helped her and her family heal.

Interview with Kim V. – Alumni of Santé

Kim explains her experiences with her addiction to opiates and how Santé was able to guide her to recovery alongside her family.

Interview with Brittany Merrick, MA, LPC, NCC

Roni and Candace of Channel 33’s The RC Project, interview Brittany, Family Therapist Coordinator at Santé. Brittany speaks about how addiction affects the whole family system and the importance of them seeking help along with the addict in order for the whole family to heal.

Lorna’s Intervention

Lorna’s intervention focuses on her addiction to crack cocaine. Lorna, who was a dancer on Soul Train and a backup dancer for Ike and Tina Turner, had struggled with her addiction for over 20 years. Her relationship with her children was non-existent and her family was extremely broken. After completing treatment at Santé Lorna entered the Transitional Living Program at Santé where she resided for over a year. Lorna eventually moved back to California where she continued to heal the relationships with her children.

Sandra’s Intervention

Sandra’s Intervention focuses on her addiction to pain medication, an addiction Sandra struggled with for over ten years. Through long-term treatment and family therapy, Sandra and her family were able to heal.

Sharon’s Intervention

Sharon’s Intervention focuses on her addiction to self-injury. Santé Center for Healing was chosen by Intervention to treat Sharon and her family, where it was discovered she also suffered from depression. With treatment, Sharon is now in recovery.

Sandi’s Intervention

Sandi’s intervention focuses on her addiction to alcohol and the broken relationships with her family. After treatment at Santé Sandi returned home at which time she decided to sell her home and move back to Texas where she had created some close relationships through her treatment at Santé.

Caylee’s Intervention

Amy’s Intervention

Brittney’s Intervention

Kayleen’s Intervention

Terry D. / Leon Intervention