If your loved one is actively dealing with an addiction, it’s time to help them find treatment. Whether you’re considering an intervention or your loved one has already expressed interest in finding an addiction treatment program, Santé Center in Argyle, Texas, can help. Additionally, we’ll give you the tools needed to understand and cope with your loved one’s addiction while they’re in treatment.

Working Together for Sobriety

For individuals struggling with addiction, family support is their strongest ally. If you’re trying to find help for your loved one, you’re already proving that. At Santé Center, we want to help strengthen those bonds by working together toward your loved one’s recovery.

Two people walking pathway during outpatient program at Sante talk about rehab for a loved oneThroughout your loved one’s treatment, we’ll be transparent and communicate the steps necessary for recovery. When your loved one arrives in treatment, you’ll receive a letter, questionnaire, and workbook. These items will give both you and us a better understanding of what your loved one’s individualized treatment program and levels of care will look like.

Once your loved one finishes his or her stay in treatment, we’ll work with family members to establish rules and guidelines for maintaining sobriety. Aftercare is a vital component of recovery, and family is the first safety net that those in recovery fall to when they begin aftercare. You and your loved one need to be able to communicate openly and freely to break the bonds that addiction has on your family.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy gives both family members and the client an opportunity to come together and discuss how addiction affects the family dynamic. Addiction impacts everyone involved in some way, and discussing this impact can help the family unit heal. We offer group family therapy as well as one-on-one family therapy for strained relationships.

Having a plan of action for family therapy helps clients recover and brings families back together. Addiction often drives a wedge between family members who feel slighted or wronged by the addicted individual. Our therapists often see codependent relationships that take time to heal and evolve. Whether this type of relationship is between a married couple, a parent and child, or even very close friends, the compassionate counselors at Santé Center can help.

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Seeking Addiction Treatment from Santé Center

At Santé Center, we specialize in helping professionals overcome addictions. Our Masters-level counselors are available for family counseling, individual therapy and group therapy, among other treatments. We also offer experiential and holistic treatment options, including:

  • Yoga
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Equine assisted therapy

If you’re ready to help your loved one seek the treatment that he or she needs while undergoing healing therapy as well, fill out the form below.

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