During addiction treatment, the opportunity to experience life in a new way is available for any individual by learning new tools to disengage from unhealthy behaviors. To remain in recovery, it takes both motivation and skill. Clients obtain these skills by exploring interventions that work for their individual personality and circumstance. Then, while in a safe haven, they have the ability to practice those skills.

Santé Center for Healing takes pride in being able to work with the most challenging clients because of the caliber, qualifications and experience of the Clinical and Nursing Staff. The multiple therapeutic modalities combined with an integrated approach to addiction therapy to address mind, body and emotions distinguishes Santé from other treatment centers.

Payment Options:

Santé Center for Healing will accept and file for your benefits with almost all insurance providers. Our team of experienced business office professionals will work to secure as many days of insurance coverage as possible, whether for you or your loved one, while in treatment. Coverage varies based on specific policy, and Santé is in network with numerous providers. Please call our intake department at 866.238.3154; they are personal, professional and experienced with verifying your insurance coverage and can also discuss the variety of additional payment options available for treatment.