A firepit at SanteSeveral kinds of therapies are offered at Santé Center for Healing, tailored to our clients’ individual needs and circumstances. This helps Santé meet the needs of those clients resistant to traditional treatment principles.

The Sex Addiction Treatment Program at Santé begins with a comprehensive assessment that identifies individual patient needs. This assessment results in a treatment plan specifically tailored to the patient and his or her circumstances. Additionally, our approach identifies other addictive disorders which are present in the majority of our patients. It is our experience that these co-occurring addictions, as well as other mental health problems, are best addressed simultaneously.

While treatment is strictly voluntary, it is not uncommon for patients to enter treatment with more external pressure than internal motivation. Our staff utilizes stages of change theory and motivational interviewing to meet and work with clients where they currently are in this process.

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Clients treated for sexual addiction will participate in:

  • Formulation of an abstinence contract
  • Psychoeducational sessions specifically focused on sexual issues
  • Gender-specific groups
  • Sex addiction-specific therapy groups
  • Sex addiction-specific 12-step meetings
  • Specific skill building (e.g.- acquiring empathy, asking for help, impulse control)
  • Relapse prevention

Some of the treatment modalities utilized include: