Addiction is a problem that impacts men in many different ways. It is not sexist to say that men react differently than women – that is just a scientific fact. As a result, you may need specialized care for your addiction. Thankfully, our men’s rehab center program can help. When you work with us, you give yourself the best chance to beat your addiction for good and become a happy and healthy person again.

a man at a mens rehab center programHow Gender Affects Addiction

Multiple studies have examined the differences between men and women in substance abuse. A growing number find that gender profoundly affects substance abuse. These differences occur due to chemical and physical differences between men and women. And they stretch to include reasons men abuse and how they react to withdrawal and rehab. And these variations may be more widespread than you think. Just a few findings include aspects such as:

  • General relapse risk – In many cases, men have a lower relapse risk than women
  • Alcohol withdrawal – Men often experience more extreme withdrawal from alcohol than women
  • Physical addiction – Most men become addicted physically first before emotional dependency occurs
  • Abuse reasons – Often, men abuse substances for the physical reaction rather than emotional ones
  • Social use – Group drug and alcohol abuse is more common with men than it is with women
  • Rehab help – Men often struggle to admit that they have an addiction problem and avoid rehab

These issues make a recovery very hard for many men. However, a men’s rehab center program can help. Facilities like these focus on gender-specific care options. They also staff people who understand these differences. In this way, you can get the most accurate treatment for your needs. At our men’s rehab center program, you can gain control of your substance abuse on your terms. Please read on to learn more about the care options that we have to offer you.

What Care Options We Provide

At Santé Center for Healing, we give our clients access to many care options. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive treatment model possible. In this way, we know that we can help you manage your addiction for good. That’s why each expert in our center has training in a variety of modalities. Just a few examples of what we can provide you with include:

  • Poly-addiction care – We can treat multiple simultaneous addictions to help you recover
  • Dual-diagnosis – Learn more about the emotional problems impacting your addiction
  • Professionals program – Care for working professionals who need to stay active during treatment
  • Residential care – Stay with us for up a few months to master your recovery needs
  • Dietary treatments – Get back into shape with better meals and exercise
  • Trauma care – Treat any trauma that may occur in your life due to addiction and substance abuse
  • Relapse prevention  – Learn how you can prevent your relapse from ever occurring

All of these care options can help you beat addiction for good. Although many men may think that they can handle their addiction, most cannot. Perhaps that’s why 90 percent of all those who need treatment never get it. Don’t become a statistic: come to our men’s rehab center program. We will walk you through substance abuse and back to a healthy life filled with happiness.

Come to Us for Help

Please call 866.238.3154 to contact us at Santé Center for Healing today. Our men’s rehab center program is one of the finest in the area. We strive to provide the care options offered above and so much more. We didn’t even have room to mention our many amenities, such as clean beds, comfortable sitting areas, and temperature-controlled environments. Please contact us to get your addiction under control.