Are you looking for better alternatives to an alcohol detox program than what Oklahoma physicians are recommending? Maybe you’ve tried getting help at some of these facilities before and failed. In some cases, the centers may have lacked the credentialing you wanted to see. In other cases, maybe you felt more like a number than a person while undergoing treatment.

Even if you’re tried and failed before in Oklahoma, there’s hope with the right professional help. Here’s what you need to know about traveling to alcohol detox and alcohol rehab in a different state and finding the addiction detox services you need at Santé Center for Healing.

Alcohol Rehab Near Oklahomapeople in group

Let’s be clear: there are a number of fine facilities in the state. They feature a caring staff and outstanding therapy options. However, some people needing help with an alcohol use disorder find it much more effective to travel elsewhere for rehab. This may be the case for a number of different reasons.

For some, trying to heal so close to home can be difficult because there are so many reminders close by that are somehow associated with their addiction. Perhaps there’s a bar just around the corner where they frequently drank too much. Or a liquor store where they’ve bought alcohol on numerous occasions. These ever-present reminders can be difficult to ignore easily when they’re in the immediate vicinity.

Another case in point is the resident of a large city whose best options include facilities in the heart of downtown. You might not mind the neighbors down the street, but you can’t handle the surroundings’ hustle and bustle. Maybe you’ve worked with another alcohol rehab Oklahoma friends or family members suggested. You went through the motions, but you never really felt like they took care of you for the long run. After you left, you suffered a relapse quickly.

Other facilities may look great on paper but don’t have the CARF International accreditation that you want to see. Maybe you tried to enroll in an alcohol rehab that Oklahoma commercials introduced to you. But when you called, they said that you would have to detox somewhere else. Now, you don’t have the energy or the patience to keep making calls.

Hallmarks of an Excellent Rehab Facility

The alcohol addiction treatment that can make a difference takes place at an accredited facility. There, caring therapists use research-based modalities that experts agree can help you overcome an alcohol use disorder. Here’s what to look for:

  • Onsite medical detox services allow you to withdraw safely from alcohol in a pain-free setting. How long is an alcohol detox program? That depends on a number of factors that are taken into consideration upon admission.
  • Seamless transition to rehab when you’re ready to undergo psychotherapy treatment that lets you figure out what caused you to drink
  • Individual counseling that encompasses cognitive-behavioral or dialectical behavior treatments depending on your needs
  • Dual diagnosis treatment, which benefits program participants with underlying mental health disorders
  • Trauma treatment for individuals with unresolved situations from the past that are still affecting today’s decisions

Some of these programs may sound familiar from the alcohol rehab Oklahoma venues promised you. But did the therapies exist when you showed up to learn more? Moreover, did you feel comfortable with the environment? If there was a lot of talk about shutting out family members, you probably didn’t.

In fact, family support is an integral part of overcoming alcohol addiction. If you’ve burned bridges in the past, you may want to initiate contact. For those working through the 12 Steps, making amends is a significant component of healing. Family counseling can make this process possible and productive.

Change Is Good

Most importantly, you want to have hope that there’s a genuine opportunity for change. If you feel like another number in the system, there’s little hope. However, if you undergo a treatment that a therapist customized just for you, it makes you feel different. Then, when you notice that there’s a continuum of care, you realize that real change is possible.

A good example is the availability of transitional living services. When you’re not ready to go back home, you will spend some time with peers in recovery. Maybe you’re willing to cut ties with the State of Oklahoma altogether. Then again, you might need a little buffer before returning to the people you left behind there.

When you travel for alcohol rehab near Oklahoma, you can have this breather. Perhaps it’s time to consider this option.

Getting the Help You Need Now

Don’t let a bad experience with alcohol detox or alcohol rehab stop you from healing. When you want to put some distance between yourself and them, consider the Santé Center for Healing in Argyle, Texas. It’s just a couple of hours down the road, and ready to welcome you. Call 866.238.3154 today to set up an intake assessment with a caring addiction treatment specialist.