Before the 1990s, experts hadn’t often researched the effects of addiction in women. Because of that, treatments unintentionally focused more on chemical dependency in men. However, the studies found that the disease affects men and women differently. Then, women’s rehab programs emerged as a dedicated treatment that gives women a higher chance for recovery.

Men and Women Are Different During Addiction and Rehab

Woman looking strong, arms folded, at women's rehab program.Women with addiction face unique challenges to those that men do. They’re more likely to be the victims of physical violence, stalking, and rape, for example. These traumas increase their risk for substance abuse because many women fear or feel ashamed to seek help. Instead, they self-medicate with drugs, which eventually leads to addiction.

The experiences that women have with drug abuse are also different. For instance, alcohol metabolizes differently in men than women because they have different gastric activity. They can drink the same amounts of alcohol, but women have higher blood alcohol concentrations. For that reason, women can develop an addiction to alcohol faster, and the same is true for other drugs.

Some studies show that women are more vulnerable to cravings and relapse. They’re more sensitive to pain and have a higher risk for chronic pain as well. As such, they use prescription opioids and other opiates more often. They’re even more likely to use these drugs without a prescription to self-medicate pain, tension, and anxiety.

Women’s Rehab Addresses Women’s Unique Needs

The above differences are only a few of the things that women’s rehab addresses. Compared to co-ed programs, female-only treatment takes a more customized approach. It focuses on several essential elements to help women recover.

Treating women on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level is one trait. The program devotes more attention to issues such as life fulfillment, eating disorders, motherhood and body image. Female-only care also addresses women’s self-esteem problems. By boosting their confidence, women’s rehab increases their chances for ongoing sobriety.

This treatment keeps in mind that women tend to have less family support during treatment. Some women even risk losing custody of their children. The rehab staff works with them to provide family-like support and can help them with legal struggles.

Meanwhile, facilities don’t forget about the medical aspect of treatment. Female-only programs screen for and treat health problems such as infectious diseases, infertility, early menopause and co-occurring mental conditions. They also account for the risk that women have for a rapid onset of addiction.

Furthermore, gender-specific treatment eliminates the distraction and disruption that men can cause women in rehab. Some women seek intimacy to fill the void that drugs leave. Others are afraid or feel uncomfortable talking in front of men. These issues go away when only women are present during treatment.

Choosing the Right Treatment Center

Women’s rehab is available in residential and outpatient rehab settings. Clients receive constant supervision from medical staff during residential care. They have less strong support but receive the same services during outpatient care. Although residential treatment costs more, research shows that it gives women a higher chance for long-term sobriety.

However, there’s more to choosing the right rehab center and program. Women should also consider whether or not to go to a local facility. Staying near their home makes it easier for the family to participate in treatment and provide support. Traveling is better when their families aren’t supportive or staying near home increases their risk for relapse.

The community that rehab creates is also essential. Women learn how to rely on their peers for support and develop relationships that last beyond treatment. Aftercare planning is critical too. It ensures that women continue to get help after rehab as they adjust to the stress of ordinary life.

Get Female-Only Treatment at Santé Center for Healing

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Santé Center for Healing focuses on family involvement and healing. Our staff provides family counseling, education and support group meetings. We also use evidence-based and alternative treatment methods in our addiction programs, which include:

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