Anyone who drinks alcohol or uses drugs can develop an addiction. However, the disease can affect men’s and women’s brains and bodies differently. Because of that, gender-specific treatment can better address the challenges that men and women face. Find out how a mens addiction treatment center can provide the unique care that men need.

How Drugs and Addiction Affect Men’s Brains

A man at a mens addiction treatment centerIn recent years, researchers have focused a lot on how drugs and addiction affect women. The reason is that treatments used to primarily focus on men. The medical industry has only started targeting more treatments toward women since about the 1990s. Therefore, there is a breadth of information on how drugs affect men. It’s important for men to understand how drugs and addiction affect them and how a mens addiction treatment center can help.

Why Men Use Drugs

Men often start abusing alcohol or drugs to reinforce the gender roles that society has created. For example, they smoke cigarettes to feel stimulation, relaxation, and calmness.

This is because men are more likely to feel pressure to support their families financially. They feel stressed if they lose their jobs or don’t make enough money to pay for everything. In some cases, they suffer from trauma such as the loss of a loved one or even sexual abuse. As victims of crimes, men feel shame because they think that they should be strong enough to prevent such situations.

The stress builds because they don’t talk about their problems or show their emotions in healthy ways. Societal expectations make them feel weak when they do. To suppress these issues, they may start drinking or using drugs to get relief.

However, the drugs are only a temporary solution. If they don’t address the underlying issues, continued drug abuse will lead to addiction. At that point, they need to find a mens addiction treatment program to recover. The services provided there can help them address the issues behind their substance use.

The Difference at a Mens Addiction Treatment Center

Co-ed addiction treatment facilities often offer a range of traditional and holistic services in their programs. Although gender-specific treatment centers use the same services, the content of those services emphasizes the specific gender needs.

One way that it’s different is how a mens addiction treatment center addresses the way that men approach treatment. Men are less likely to admit that they have a problem. Again, the reason is that gender roles make them feel that asking for help is a show of weakness.

In many cases, men actually enjoy their time at their mens addiction treatment center because it gives them time to decompress. The rehab doesn’t only involve talking about their problems. Men also participate in activities that complement their core treatments. Many of them find new hobbies that they can enjoy with their families when they return home.

Find Men-Focused Care at Santé Center for Healing

When you’re ready for addiction treatment, come to Santé Center for Healing. Our mens rehab center in Argyle, Texas, provides full-service care. From detox to aftercare, our mens addiction treatment program can design a treatment plan of programs and services that address your unique needs, including:

The team at Santé Center for Healing wants to ensure that you have skills and tools to live sober. For that reason, our dietitian will help you learn how to eat healthfully. Our family therapists also work with your family members and closest friends to help you build a support system.

Don’t let gender roles or any other obstacles keep you from getting help. You deserve to have a healthy, happy life. Dial Santé Center for Healing at 866-238-3154 to learn more about our mens addiction treatment program.