Alcohol had completely taken over my life- I did nothing without first considering how it would affect my ability to drink. As one could imagine, my life was going nowhere. I was plagued by emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual maladies that seemed endless. Santé helped me halt this downward spiral before it was too late. I’m leaving Santé a happy, determined, and confident person. Instead of fearing the future, I am now embracing it.

I came to Santé because of my drug addiction. My initial goal was quite simple; show me how to not use drugs. Little did I know that the scope of treatment would include peeling off the layers of deceit, lies, image management, and shame that would lead not only to honestly facing my sex addiction but also to challenging me in often painful ways to look at everything I once believed to be true about myself and my relationships. Getting off of drugs is easy compared to getting over one’s self. I have come to an acceptance of my past and myself that I never anticipated because I never knew it was possible. My journey of self-discovery at Santé has been the most worthwhile time I have ever spent on me. As I leave these grounds, I have a sense of self and a sense of hope that allows me to live today with serenity. I have learned to trust the process and God even when I don’t understand and when the outcome is uncertain. I have found courage to face my fears.

I am grateful to Santé for helping me to learn about myself, for embracing all sides of me, and eliminating my toxic shame. Thank you!

Thank you, Santé, for saving my life and helping me find a better life. I came here helpless, hopeless, and beaten down. I leave here confident, revitalized and hopeful and with many tools and people to help me. I will forever look back on my time here at Santé with gratitude and love. Miracles do happen on this hill; I received one and I have witnessed many others. I believe Santé is the facility of choice for physicians and other healing professionals, especially for those with sexual addictions. May God continue to bless Santé, those who work here, and all who come expecting a miracle in their lives.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given to come to Santé. My addiction had put me in a place of hopelessness in my life. I have a renewed outlook on life and myself. Santé has given me the tools I desperately needed to cope with life. My ability to feel my feelings and express emotions now has taken me out of the emotional bankruptcy I was in prior to coming to Santé. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than my recovery. This is the greatest accomplishment of my life to date. Thank you Santé and all the patients who have been through these doors, for saving my life.

The gift of life has been given to me again, and thanks to Santé, I have a chance to enjoy it. From the moment I arrived I was embraced in a real experience of living that will be with me forever. It was a perfectly imperfect experience. I am sad to leave the community of peers but I am happy to have established a foundation built on spiritual renewal that I can build a life around. For a modest price, I have received a priceless gift. Thank you!

Santé has changed my life! My stay here has been so much more than I ever expected. In fact, I came to Santé quite reluctantly because I had been in treatment before, I didn’t expect Santé to be any different. I’d “been there, done that” so to speak and I had not been able to maintain sobriety following previous treatments. After 2 weeks here, I realized that Santé is different. I view my visit here as one of the most positive and valuable experiences of my life. Thank you!

This was a tremendous experience! Between the patient community, clinical staff, intake and all other support staff, there was a strong environment within which to heal and begin a strong recovery.