When looking for a quality addiction treatment programs, there are several important things you should ask


an exterior shot of Sante as an example of what to look for in a treatment programIs the addiction individualized focusing on core healing rather than quick fixes? At Santé, individualized addiction treatment plans that include goals and objectives are created with the client, doctor, therapist and various other collaborative sources. An integral component of our addiction treatment program is daily involvement and evaluation of each client’s progress. This is evaluated by Santé clinicians including masters and doctoral level therapists and nurses, psychiatrists and additional contributing team members. The joint effort to establish open, honest, direct communication between the client community and the addiction treatment team is fundamental to the healing process.


Does the program have therapists who have been trained and certified in different types of therapy? Santé has a psychiatrist and general physician on staff for medication management and our detox program. Santé also has two PhD psychologists alongside several therapists many of who are CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist), CMAT (Certified Multiple Addiction Therapist) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) trained.


Does the program offer different types of addiction therapy? At Santé each client is given an individualized treatment plan, with psychotherapies targeting core issues.

Some of these addiction treatment therapies may include:

Santé also offers Experiential Therapies such as Psychodrama, High and Low Ropes Course (not available for TL & IOP), Equine-assisted Therapy, Yoga, Massage, Art Therapy, Acupressure/Acupuncture & Smoking Cessation. An addiction treatment plan composed of several different treatment modalities is put together based on each client’s needs.


Is there a warm and inviting environment for the client to feel comfortable? Santé offers semi-private rooms, full size beds/two per room with private bath which were recently remodeled. Based in Argyle our beautiful campus expands over 14 acres, offering serene settings, large decks with beautiful scenic viewpoints.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is important. Does the program offer family therapy? At Santé we believe that addiction treatment impacts the addict and the addicts loved ones. We offer individual and couples therapy for family members, weekly family night with psycho-educational lectures and process groups and intervention sessions when treatment is difficult. For those who live too far away for Santé’s in person family night we offer an online version on a weekly basis. Each client receives a two-day family therapy intensive when appropriate based on the family’s needs.

Health and Fitness

Being sober is about developing healthy habits and lifestyles. Newly sober clients need healthy alternatives such as fitness and proper nutrition to channel their energy. Santé offers workout facilities, a basketball court, sand volleyball court, walking trail, swimming pool, & weekly yoga and meditation classes. Santé has a chef on staff to provide fresh meals as well as a licensed dietitian who can offer a dietary consult to each client.

Continuing Care

Does the addiction treatment program provide care once the individual is released from treatment? At Santé, we offer multiple levels of addiction treatment care services including aftercare planning and relapse prevention, along with unique intensive outpatient programs and transitional living options.